April 16th is National Bean Counters' Day

A day we founded to honor your most trusted asset. Your accountant!

We All Love Our Accountants

They save us money, know our darkest secrets, don’t snicker when they see that embarrassing receipt for medical procedures, protect us from the IRS, and always divide the check perfectly when out for lunch.

There hasn't been a way to officially recognize them... until now!

That is EXACTLY why we founded this memorable day – to honor the person who takes care of our financial well being with no glory, no recognition, and no credit (or debit, for that matter).

National Bean Counters' Day

is your accountant’s special day to take off from work, relax and do things that regular people do. Well, within reason… they are still accountants, after all.

Make Your Special Bean Counter Feel Appreciated

Send a quick National Bean Counters' Day message from this site. Simply enter your bean counter's contact info, type your message, and hit "Send". That’s all there is to it. Nothing too taxing.

    Bean Counters'
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the stereotype true?
    Are accountants boring?


    Has there ever been
    a cool accountant?

    Yes, once.

    We hear he lives in Colorado, but are unable to confirm his exact whereabouts.

    Do all accountants have
    pocket protectors?

    Not at all.

    Besides, who would need a pocket protector when a fanny-pack is far more convenient.

    What are some of the more famous movies featuring accountants in a central role?

    Carnal Knowledge (1971)

    A rather dark film starring Jack Nicholson as a deeply dysfunctional CPA

    The Untouchables (1987)

    An intense action film where Charles Martin Smith plays a mild-mannered, yet shotgun-wielding accountant helping to take down Al Capone.

    The Accountant (2016)

    With Ben Affleck. Duh!

    About Kevin Wenig, CPA

    National Bean Counters’ Day was founded by Kevin Wenig. He worked for years at those huge NY City CPA firms where he learned everything he knows, including how to put on his tie without a mirror. Since then, he started his own CPA firm in Trumbull, CT where he specializes in advertising, marketing, online retail and other creative businesses. You’ll also never see him wearing a tie.

    The Annual
    Bean Counter Challenge

    Do you think your accountant has it easy counting all those beans every day?

    Test your "Mad Bean Counting Skillz" by putting yourself in their penny loafers and giving it a shot. Take a close look at the jar, count the beans and submit your guess.

    One lucky winner will be selected to WIN $100 worth of Jelly Beans!

    Simply fill out the form below to enter.

      Every year on April 16th - our most sacred day - we will tally all entries, take every one with the exact number and randomly select one winner. That person, assuming all eligibility requirements are met, will win $100 worth of Jelly Beans!

      The winner agrees to allow their first name, city and state to appear on our site. Please note that contest winnings are subject to federal and state income taxes. If you need help figuring this out, we may know of a good accountant you can call. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, and a legal US citizen. Not valid where prohibited, no purchase necessary and incomplete entries will be disregarded. Your name and contact information will never be sold to anyone, ever. Not for any amount of beans. Not valid where prohibited by law, employees, relatives and my next door neighbor are prohibited from entering.